What is icecairo?

icecairo is a Social Enterprise, and part of the international icehubs network, that started with iceaddis in Ethiopia and icebauhaus in Germany. icecairo is a community-powered green tech innovation hub. We work together to solve environmental and social challenges using the brilliance of the icecairo community, and to turn these challenges in to green businesses.

By convening workshops around specific challenges, the icecairo community is able to identify solutions. We then use our fablab's rapid prototyping machinery to create and evolve these solutions into real world green products. These products can then be sold by sustainable businesses, powered by and employing young Egyptians. In this way icecairo embodies it's mission: green tech innovation for youth job creation.

icecairo offers 2 incredible spaces for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Our physical hub (the downtown hub) is a space where people can co-work, attend / run events, and use the fablab to make / hack "green" products. Our online hub is a collection of platforms: a website, a wiki, a mapping system, an e-learning platform and an e-commerce site, all designed to maximise collaboration within the icecairo community.

Together with our partners in civil society, the private sector, government and academia, icecairo believes it can turn almost any challenge in to a sustainable business opportunity.

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