icecairo team

icecairo is privileged to have several teams of super-heroes working non-stop to create the icecairo experience!

icecairo core team

  • Adam Molyneux-Berry, Cofounder and Manager: Adam Molyneux-Berry is a half-Egyptian, half-British social-entrepreneur, passionate about sustainability in its many forms. With a background in philosophy, experience running businesses, and having studied ecosystem services, permaculture design and ecovillage design, Adam is an advocate of social enterprises as a means to community-driven, bottom-up development. Adam is an ambassador to North Africa for the Global Ecovillage Network and has co-founded two social enterprises: Nawaya that deals with sustainable livelihoods in farming communities and icecairo, a green-tech innovation hub for youth job creation. As a practitioner of the Art of Hosting, Adam regularly facilitates group discussions, with community-building and synergy as the desired outcomes.
  • Muhammad Radwan, Space Manager: Muhammad Radwan has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has travelled to more than 50 countries and has worked in Food, Textile, & Pipecoating Manufacturing before changing careers to a more environment related focus. He is currently working with icecairo as Space Manager; organising events, social media, and community interaction. In addition, he assists Nawaya as the Social Media Manager.
  • Salma "Saloomz" Adel, Product Designer: Salma is a product designer and a passionate photographer. She recently graduated from the faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences , at the German University in Cairo, with BAAS degree (bachelor of applied arts and sciences) in Product Design major. Design is her thing, in fact all design and art, and through it she believes she can help change the world. She enjoys seeing the world through a camera lens and capturing everyday life, she has shot about 7 different photoshoots with the fashion designer Deana Shaaban. Salma likes traveling, cycling, dancing, pasta and blue skies.
  • Bernhard Rohkemper, Coordinator ice_ribh: at icecairo Bernhard is running the GIZ Responsible & Inclusive Business Hub, short ice_ribh. Prior to moving to Egypt he managed the entrepreneurship and incubation department at NBIC in Windhoek, Namibia's first and foremost innovation centre. From his work with German multinationals he has also extensive knowledge in Corporate Responsibility. Bernhard's passion is to inspire companies from start-ups to large corporations to put their expertise and weight behind sustainable development around the world. He holds a BA (Bayreuth) and an MSc (Dublin) in Development Studies.
  • Natalie El Assiouty, junior project manager, ice_ribh.

Our friends at Nahdet El Mahrousa

  • Irene Boghdadi
  • Ahmed Salah
  • Maie El Zeini
  • Nada El Gammal

Our friends at GIZ

  • Nashwa Ibrahim, Employment Promotion Programme (EPP)
  • Mohammed Fangary, EPP
  • Marton Kocsev, EPP
  • Wael Sabry, Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP)
  • Sahra Yassin, PSDP

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