Membership Packages

Here are icecairo's membership packages:

Entrepreneur (E) Members

The Entrepreneurs package (E) is for our entrepreneurial members. You may be running a business, or starting one up! Either way, you've got what it takes to be at icecairo, as a paying member. The E package has tailored benefits, making it ideal for today's entrepreneur! E membership benefits include:

  • Membership card
  • Your profile on the icecairo website and software system
  • Access all areas (cafe, co-working, fablab, events)
  • Priority access to coworking
  • 2 free co-working days a month
  • Use of iMacs
  • Priority access to events
  • 1 free member's event a month
  • Discounted rate for events
  • Discounted rate for space rental
  • Ability to enrol in Ambassador's Programme (not yet active)

Maybe (momkin) Members

Our maybe members are potential members that are still checking out the icecairo downtown hub, icecairo events and the icecairo experience as a whole! Maybe members have the following benefits:

  • Access to the cafe, coworking space and events
  • Standard rate for coworking
  • Standard rate for events
  • Standard rate for space rental (meeting rooms etc)
  • No access to fablab (you need to be trained in how to use the machines first!)
  • No access to iMacs

Time is Money Programme

The "Time is Money" package delivers free co-working in exchange for time spent assisting at icecairo - running workshops, making products, blogging events, the sky is the limit with the TIM package.

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