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Welcome to the icecairo community! You are now one of the innovators, collaborators and entrepreneurs that will help put Cairo on the map for leading the "Green" Tech revolution!

We'd love to see you at the downtown hub ; either at the cafe for a lively chat and coffee, or the Coworkers space for some serious collaboration, or in the fablab making something that'll save the day, or just at one of the many fantastic events and trainings that are thrown at icecairo!
For membership benefits, have a read below!

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Who is an icecairo member?

A member of icecairo demonstrates the following principles:

  • Collaboration over competition
  • Placing the needs of community before the needs of self
  • Participation over observation
  • Doing over saying
  • Friendship over formality
  • Learning over expertise
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Promoting group harmony at all times - the Japanese concept of "wa"

Wa 和 is a Japanese cultural concept usually translated into English as "harmony". It implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a social group, in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests. The kanji character wa 和 is also an archaic term for Japan itself.

To maintain "wa" members of icecairo accept people of all religious and political backgrounds. Recognising that diversity is resilience, as seen in nature, we strive as a community to embrace diversity and use it as a source of strength. icecairo is totally neutral in terms of politics, religion, race and gender. Our members demonstrate this neutrality in their dealing with others at all times.

Why become a member?

Members have access to the following:

  • Coworking
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Prototyping space, the fablab
  • Access to people working in related fields
  • Access to multi stakeholder community
  • Access to competitions
  • Access to RIBH
  • More employable
  • Access to area where companies headhunt because of skill level
  • Ability to design and actually prototype products
  • Access to multi disciplinary trainings
  • Access to inspiring innovative venue where money and effort/energy are held equally valuable
  • A venue where progressive cutting edge methodologies are implemented
  • Access to an enviromentmet where i can contribute in a collaborative setting with many stakeholders
  • Location
  • High speed internet
  • A space where a challenge can designed into a solution and that solution can be prototyped into a product which could lead to a business where the product is manufactured
  • Access to community where all major donor agencies are present

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