icecairo downtown hub

icecairo's downtown hub is the ultimate expression of a green technology innovation hub. One of the few such spaces in the world, the icecairo downtown hub has coworking space for up to 30 people, fully equipped with iMacs, photocopying, printing etc. (For more information on coworking, please visit our coworking page.)

The downtown hub also offers a meeting room for your convenience, complete with white boards, projectors, modular adjustable furniture and free fresh-filtered coffee! (For more information on hiring the meeting room, please visit our Meet page.)

As soon as you enter our downtown hub, you will be greeted with an inspiring sight! The iceout zone cafe is a 2 floor, steel-built structure situated in the entrance of the hub! The iceout zone is a cool oasis in the heart of intense and often crazy downtown Cairo! Drinks are self-served on the honour system, with comfortable bean bags, electrical sockets for your laptops and access to the community of innovative icecaireans! Oh, and our super-fast WIFI!

The jewel in icecairo's crown is definitely the Fab Lab! Yes, we actually have a state of the art Fabrication Laboratory at icecairo with access to high-end 3D printers, Laser cutters, CNC milling machines and a whole array of power tools and hand tools. (For more information on the fablab, please visit our fablab page.)

Need a well-equipped super-cool space in downtown Cairo to host an event? We can offer you everything from a meeting room, to the entire coworking space of the downtown hub! Get in touch with us for more details!

Check out our Fab Lab now!

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