icecairo community

The icecairo community is a melting pot of passionate, innovate, entrepreneurial and collaborative individuals, that together, form an ecosystem that focuses on ecological and social sustainability for Egypt.

icecaireans are: students & teachers; individuals from civil society & the private sector; members of academia & government; NGOs working hand-in hand with communities. Anyone can be part of the icecairo community. We share our skills, our resources and our ideas to create the kind of future that we believe is possible for Egypt. A future that we can share with our sister hubs, all over the world.

As a community, we are diverse, and a resilient in our diversity. As a community we work together to solve the daily challenges faced by Egyptians, and to turn these challenges in to business opportunities - businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible, and that create Green Jobs for young Egyptians.

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