The Rise-athon is where the real action happens during the Rise Up Summit! In this unique hands-on workshop, teams will work on building new products in less than 2 days to solve a number of challenges.  The Rise-athon will take place in a separate area (but at the same time) from the actual summit on Nov. 24th & 25th at the AUC in downtown Cairo.

Three different tracks are combined to tackle different aspects of the products:

  1. A software and electronics Hackathon
  2. A physical fabrication Makeathon
  3. A business model design Ideathon

This multi-faceted workshop is being organized in collaboration between Innoventures, icecairo, Morph-D Studio, Juice labs, and Yomken.com

join the Rise-ATHON!

At the informational session on Nov. 17th, the process of the event was announced along with the challenges (noted below) that participants will set out to solve by creating a product, app, service, or business model.

Anyone interested in taking part can fill out a form to the Rise Up summit here:


Please note that the deadline for the application is Thursday November 21st.

Accepted participants will receive an email with a promo code confirming their acceptance to attend the Rise-athon.


There are three challenges which participants may opt to solve:

  1. Traffic

  2. Waste/Pollution

  3. Energy

For participants eager to tackle these challenges in the Hackathon track or by presenting a Business model in the Ideathon track, they can do so by addressing ANY of the challenges above and filling the form.  For those interested in the Makeathon, there will be only one challenge to solve (read below).

makeathon challenge

For the Makeathon section of this event, Yomken.com, icecairo, and Morph-D Studio will be providing materials, machines & tools for participating teams.

In addition to the Registration Form for the Rise-athon event.  For the Makers, we also suggest you present your idea/design on Yomken.com website at the following link.  This will give you a preference in the selection process.


Accepted participants will receive an email with a promo code confirming their acceptance to attend the Rise-athon.

The Challenge

The Makeathon Challenge is more specific and addresses one of the issues above: Traffic.

Street vendors depend on carts and the street to sell various products all over Cairo. This creates congestion which affects everyone else.

We invite you to help them and build a foldable, “Smart Kiosk”, that help them become more mobile, organized and less space consuming while showing their products.

Now, come and contribute in the Rise-athon competition, in the make-athon track and build the smart kiosk that you imagine will solve the challenge.

The winner will have  an opportunity to win 5,000 EGP!  Sign up now at the link below:


on the actual day of rise-athon

The following schedule for the 2-day event will take place at the AUC Downtown campus on the Nov. 24th & 25th.


9:00   Doors Open / Registration

10:00 Launch, Presentation on the process, challenges, etc.

11:00 Idea pitches

12:00 Team forming / Break

13:00 Teams discuss idea/plan, choose rise-a-thon tracks

14:00 – 21:00 Workshops and Teamwork

Day 2

8:00 – 10:00 Teamwork

10:00 Progress Update

12:00 – 15:00 Teamwork & Workshops

14:00 Talk about Chris Worman

16:00 Final Presentations & Judging