Progress Team Brings Electronics to icecairo

Progress Team visited icecairo to hold a discussion over topics of their expertise: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

 The event was called “Want to know more about Arduino? Raspberry Pi?” and we called on members of the ice community to join this discussion.

Amr Eldihimy and Mohamed Said of Mansoura who form Progress Team opened the discussion with a small history of the field. A brief demonstration and explanation of the robot “7oksha” was presented to show the extent of the knowledge this team had gained from delving into this field.

Attendees of this discussion included a few from the ROV FB Group, the remotely operated vehicle that submerges under water. A few others were from the Megatronics field and wanted to learn specific subjects.

 Progress Team outlined the next few courses of which they will offer at icecairo including Basic & Intermediate Micrcontroller Course (See Flyers Below)

 There will also be a free workshop soon at icecairo where some attendees will be able to experience the practical assembly of some components.

 Later on, the team will offer a course where a simple robot will be constructed and using an Arduino kit, will follow basic instructions.

 For more information, contact Progress Team (contact info in flyer)