Open House 3D Printer Day

Demos, discussion, dancing (not really), details of 3D printers all in one night!

Yesterday we hosted a discussion on 3D printers at the hub.  The icecairo team has been talking a lot about all the machines that make up a Fablab .  The usual response has been an astounding “Wow!’ and a lot of people want to see this super cool technology in action.

Even though we have had a machine for quite some time, the Dimension 1200es, there were some challenges related to the business model.  Basically the machine works with a closed system and you cannot refill the cartridges on your own.  Even though we are working on a solution to this, we are keeping the available super pricy plastic filament (aka ink) for high end customers.

Makerbot Replicator 2

icecairo's Makerbot Replicator 2 in action

icecairo’s Makerbot Replicator 2 in action

To resolve the issue, we ended up getting another machine.  This time, a more open source, slick looking, Makerbot Replicator 2!  The machine cost around 20,000 EGP including shipping from the US and “customs” at the airport.  We also had a little bit of paper work to do at the Mogamma3, but it’s all good.

The producers of this machine have a cool business model and are linked up to allowing us to make whatever we want.

We conducted a presentation of the software and hardware during the event.  Rania, Fablab Manager, had downloaded the item of the night, earbud holders.  After preparing the files, we opened up the MakerWare software and checked out a few features.  Then we conducted the demonstration of the printing which lasted 39 minutes.

Rania, Fablab Manager, explaining the MakerWare - software for our 3D printer

Rania, Fablab Manager, explaining the MakerWare – software for our 3D printer


In the meantime, Next3Design, presented some of their models as well.  The team made of Mohamed and Mohamed, have already made four different open source 3D printers here in Egypt.

Abo Soud of Next3Design explaining basics of 3D printing

Abo Soud of Next3Design explaining basics of 3D printing

The latest one was the Ultimaker who they have made in collaboration with icecairo. The frame as can be seen in the photo, was entirely laser cut in icecairo Fablab.  The rest of the work demands respect from the Mohamedein.  M. Zeid has his own workshop which he uses to make some of the parts, while the rest are 3D printed as can be seen on the Reprap model.


Demo of MakerWare

Demo of MakerWare

Earbud case

Earbud case printed in 39 mins

















Different items they had printed were displayed for all the participants to check out up close and personal.  A series of Q & A ensued with participants asking practical question such as cost of printing, materials, the extent of capabilities, etc.

Part of this conversation led to talks around a great book called Makers: The new Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson and how this technology will drastically change the world by giving the end user the power to manufacture when it was once in the hands of big companies.


icecairo in collaboration will be organizing a workshop on how to build a 3D Printer yourself on Feb 16th.  If you are interested, please check the details in this application form.

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