Laser Cutting 101

lasercutting101posterFor the past few weeks, icecairo has been offering a 3-hour intro course on our laser cutter in the icecairo Fablab in downtown Cairo.

The Laser Cutter is one of several digital fabrication machines that are in the Fablab in addition to the CNC and 3D Printer.  The


Rania Rafie, our Fablab Manager, has been taking five participants each week through the details that allow them to experience the coolness of this machine by explaining:

  • What is laser cutting?laser cutter 101 in training
  • How the machine works
  • How to operate the machine with an introduction to the User Interface software
  • How to prepare the design image files in order to be printed (laser cut) on the machine
  • What materials can be cut, and parameters/settings with our database

Following the theory, participants are given a chance to conduct their own trial by loading up the design file and operating the machine.

lasercutAt the end of the course, participants walk away with a laser cut sample to take home.

We will be hosting the next event on Monday Dec 16th. the link to the event:




Check out a video with the machine in action!

Watch this video of Tobias who came to gives up some tips on the machine showing us how to take care of the lens.