ICECAIRO Hosts Pre-launch Event

Everyone in town wants to know…What is icecairo? Well, after getting the keys to the new hub situated conveniently near Midan Talat Harb in downtown Cairo, icecairo decided that a pre-launch event was in order.

A projector beaming graphics of co-working spaces greeted visitors as they shuffled into the entrance. Curiosity levels increased from the very first moment. Jay Cousins and Adam Molyneux-Berry welcomed visitors at the start of the event, quickly arriving to the question of interest. “What is icecairo?” Around 60 people listened attentively to the essence of the space on the verge of being launched.

Wall Calendar

The guys explained how the hub will be used in a collaborative way, and invited others to host events, network with one another, and join the icecairo “Green” community. The calendar on the wall was presented and people were asked to write down suggested workshops or trainings that they wanted to lead. After a Q&A session, visitors were invited to tour the space, and begin writing suggestions for the space on paper hanging all over the space. The icecairo team also used the old large wooden doors and converted them into tables, and invited everyone to begin taking ownership of the area by also replying to questions we has posed on those tables. The response was great as all kinds of suggestions were written.

As people began to discover the 7 room wide open space overlooking one of downtown’s most popular street cafes, ideas began to proliferate. The GIZ interns posted workshops for a 3D laser printer quickly garnering support by the crowd with many names signed up to attend. One individual realized that other visitors were interested in biogas digesters. He took the lead, and used the calendar on the wall, and a collaborative event was was born. The energy filled the rooms and excitement for the future was ubiquitous.

In another instance, an individual began explaining technical aspects of an idea that would save energy usage on electronic devices, and wondered where he could build a prototype. It was quickly explained to him that he was in the exact right space, for this one visions of what icecairo aims to provide. A space to get creative, to use resources to actually physically come up with models, and to network with business expertise through icecairo networks.

Stay tuned in to this blog as more and more events will be relayed here.

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