How to Get Your Agribusiness Invested – MC Egypt

Lamcegypt3st week, we held our weekly icedinner with our partners MC Egypt.  icecairo holds the Sunday night dinner for community members to come together and explore the vast range of possibilities that spawn from actually meeting one another, as opposed to the online platforms.  Entrepreneurs, Green Techies, and Makers meet and eat while they network in the only environmental hub in town.

The topic of the night was “How to get your Agri-Business invested”. MC Egypt acts as a VC for-profit subsidiary of Mercy Corps, which is a global non-profit development organization.

They describe themselves on their website:

“As a for-profit subsidiary of Mercy Corps, MC Egypt works to encourage and grow businesses that have specific social and pro-poor benefits for Egyptians. We aim to increase income and employment, and improve services such as healthcare, education, and energy independence.”

In recent years, they have identified agriculture as a main sector to target  their activities, namely supporting entrepreneurs in this field and provide assistance to the socially responsible startups in Egypt.


Nada El Guindy – MC Egypt

During the icedinner, Nada El Guindy Senior Market Strategy Consultant from MC EGypt, provided an explanation of their upcoming initiative to team up existing startups in the agriculture sector with international and local investors.

El Guindy explained the “Invest” category as one of the main activities conducted by the Agriculture Team, providing businesses with mentorship, advisory services, and business linkages.

“When we say ‘agriculture’ we mean it in the broadest sense of the word,” Nada explained.  “It could be everything from food manufacturing, to biogas, to farming.”

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After the event, the fully packed conference area was invited to some really yummy Ma2luba cooked by our guest chef.  The networking aspect of the evening was hailed as super beneficial to many attendees as they got meet the whole Agriculture Team including Nada, Benjamin, Ahmed, and Yara.

What MC Egypt is Offering Exactly

MC Egypt will be offering:

  • a chance to develop your business plan for a higher appeal to investors
  • the chance for startups to pitch to Angel Investors in March 2014
  • mentoring on pitching skills prior to the event
  • cover the legal fees for setting up the investment of the first pitch event
  • a chance to pitch without charging a success fee

The following criteria to apply must be adhered to, including:

  • a 1-2 year startup in the agribusiness
  • a written business plan
  • a financial forecast
  • an existing team

How to apply?

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, please send your business plan by 9th of March 2014 to Ms. Yara Eid at or call us at: 01020345438.

“I do not meet above requirements, what then?”

Less-ready businesses are mentored and incubated to further expand their development, enabling them to reach the level where an investor will be interested to finance them. Also, individuals who are interested in getting into the agribusiness world but still can’t find their niche or business idea can be helped.


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