German Ministry Visit at icecairo during SWH Construction & Laser Cutting Workshop

Last Thursday, despite ongoing renovation in the downtown hub, the icecairo team responded to the community requests by conducting a few events simultaneously: Laser Cutting Intro Workshop & the construction of a third Solar Water Heater (SWH).


During these events, a visit by representative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the main supporters of icecairo, GIZ, with representatives including the Country Director and Deputy Country Director, held a meeting in the conference room.

 The result is BMZ wants to explicitly engage more in the support of non-governmental initiatives in Egypt . icecairo is proud to have positively affected this decision-making process and believe this was only possible from the passionate members of the community. And the fact that this took place within only 6 months of operation is a testament to the potential of this community.

What about the events?

 Even though icecairo has already conducted training of two other units (one here and one here), the response to the construction of this third heater was very promising. Previous attendees played an even larger role and explained the mechanics of the apparatus while Mr. Adel Hanna hammered away teaching the participants tools, materials, and the intricacies of the process. With an enhanced workflow powered by the experience of past attendees, the trainer aptly noted the high-quality fast pace of progress, expecting two more sessions before completing this unit. The unit is a “sha3by” version of the high-end imported type aimed at anyone with a limited budget and access to the internet who can digest the information and build themselves.

 On the other end of the hub, the Fablab was officially opened for trainings after a long journey setting up the machines and adjusting the electricity to withstand the loads. With this first workshop, participants learned the fundamentals of laser cutting in the 7 steps. Tobias Mathes, Product Designer from Bauhaus University and a consultant for icecairo, explained the options for software, material, and endless potential! It was a great success and a harbinger of the coolness to come.

 It is worthy of noting that the community indeed responds to the practical trainings that are provided, a suggestion shared during the recent gathering of tech innovation hubs of Afrilabs during re:publica and eLearning Africa.

All in all, the day was packed, productive, and peautiful. Please join us in the following SWH workshops and more Laser Cutting. And don’t worry, we will make them later in the evening as to accommodate people’s schedule.