Fitar at icecairo with Innoventures’ Start-Up Circus hosting Jonathan Kalan

icecairo and Innoventures teamed up once again to host the Start-Up Circus and combined this event with an iftar for the community.

 This was the first large event we’ve held at icecairo since the renovation and construction that took place during the month of June/July, and we were pleased to have dozens of attendees show up. The community showed its generosity and Ramadan spirit by bringing an abundance of food & beverages for the Dish Party- ma7shy was plenty and we all ate well!

 After breaking fast, we opened another chapter in the ongoing series of the Start-Up Circus Speaker Series, focusing on entrepreneurship with Jonathan Kalan, a reporter for BBC and among other media outlets. Jonathan gave a presentation about the entrepreneurship scene in

Kenya, also dubbed “Silicon Valley”, the greater east African region, and even bit about the Middle East. His knowledge and experience of the happenings down south comes out of living in Nairobi for many years and probing for the latest innovations.

 Jonathan explained the strengths and gaps of the Kenyan entrepreneurial scene and provided examples of many technology innovation hubs, including many that are part of the Afrilabs network of which icecairo is also a proud member. He also spoke about various other hubs in East Africa including our sister hub iceaddis in Ethiopia of which he recently wrote an article about.

Finally, Jonathan brought it back home by taking a look at our own ecosystem here in Egypt, posing the question “Do you realize what you have here?” to the audience. He mentioned several start-ups in Egypt and the local passion that has spawned a significant boost of entrepreneurial spirit since January 25th, 2011, while also highlighting the very collaborative environment, the incredible potential of local talent, growing networks and hubs of support like ice cairo, increasing sources of funding for startups, and the fact that Egypt has an enormous market waiting for solutions.

Listening to Kalan

Loft Cafe at downtown Hub

Following the presentation, both Nora and Radwan MCed the Quizo portion of the night where attendees were asked to answer a series of question around two themes: icecairo & Egypt’s entrepreneurship. The winners will be announced this week and the prizes include a Free Laser Cutting workshop and certificates for Free Coworking.

Nora Kafafi of Innoventures Quizzin

 We will have another iftar soon, please join us for more fun and networking!

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