First Tweet-up at icecairo

When Egyptians used to congregate before 2011 for Tweet-ups, there were only a few dozen tweeps who ran a series of physical meet ups for twitter enthusiasts. After 2011, the concept evolved into Tweet Nadwa with a very political context gathering hundreds of activists who discussed their views on current events.

 Now icecairo seeks to start Tweet-ups at the downtown hub with the aim of uniting active tweeps focused on environment and green tech, among other issues.

 The first one was held earlier this week where @battutta, or Muhammad Radwan, Community Manager @icecairo hosted the event. Attendees were introduced through their twitter bios and then each member had 140 seconds to discuss what they are currently working on and what their interests are. (140 characters is the limit for each tweet – you love it).

 @iBottoms discussed her project and working on Zero Carbon Climate project here in Egypt based on a model implemented in the UK. @Sam_Z1 discussed how his theory on the Law of Attraction was being realized through icecairo as his visits became more frequent. He said, “Everything seems to be falling into place as news of similar projects reach him and doors open to the path I intend to traverse.” He is the CEO of Sunergy, a solar start-up here in Cairo.

 Following all the intros, we discussed possible tips/techniques of using twitter to maximize its efficacy. magnification of attendees voices whether they are working on campaigning for a project or holding an event, or as simple as spreading a specific message.

 We will be holding future tweet-ups at icecairo so that more and more of the icecairo tweeps meet each other. We will be sharing more tips on the use of twitter for strategic purposes. Join us next yo!