Ezbet Community Centre Competition

Last week, the organizers of the Ezbet Community Centre Competition held a discussion at the icecairo downtown hub gathering students from all over Cairo.

 The competition is for students from Egypt & Germany of all disciplines to develop a sustainable building design for Ezbet Abu (Q)arn, an informal area in Cairo. The students will use low-tech materials that can found locally and minimize energy use in attempt to reach the true foundations of a sustainable project in the economic, environmental and social elements.

 The discussion was hosted by Dr. Samah AlKhateeb, Asst. Prof. in Urban Planning Dept of Ain Shams University, Dr. Manal El-Shahat Asst. Prof. of the Urban Planning Institute in University of Stuttgart and Noha Anwar the Project Coordinator representing Alashanek Ya Balady – Ain Shams (AYB-ASU). The two universities and the NGO are the parties who have cooperated with one another to organize this competition.

 Throughout the evening, we explored the background of the area, reasons for implementing the project in the area, spoke about the guidelines and finally many of the attendees asked questions relevant to the competition.

 There was also a recap of the site visits that had taken place over the course of the past few weeks, including one earlier that day.

If you are interested in registering for this competition, it is still open.

 Check the website for all details or the Facebook Page.