Dokkan Alwan Teaches Street Children Recycled Art

Dokkan Alwan is a youth-initiated activity at the Nasr City branch of Resala (an Egyptian NGO with hundreds of thousands of volunteers) which aims at rehabilitating street children through art.

Among its many art activities Dokkan Alwan, which means “color shop” in Arabic, has conducted a series of free workshops for street children and volunteers to learn how to make recycled art.

Each child was paired with a volunteer and started to work on paining and creating recycled art together. It was not only the children who were enjoying the making of the art forms from recycled materials but the volunteers enjoyed it tremendously as well.

Menna Salah Negm, a fine arts student, is the founder and facilitator of Dokkan Alwan. The recycled art workshops have been facilitated by Basma Ashour from Re-art Workshop.